White Pawn – Sonia Pacin -Chess Piece

The strongest foot soldiers on the board take one or two steps forward and never one step back.

Sonia is a mom to four boys with a passion for protecting the environment, sustainable living and being active in the outdoors. She works as an environmental and climate change policy advisor at the federal government and has started her own non-profit organization which connects kids around the world through environmental education. Sonia grew up in a family that has always enjoyed playing chess at home as well as participating in various chess tournaments around Canada. As Alzheimer’s and dementia has had a personal impact in her own family, Sonia is taking part in the live chess event on Parliament Hill to support the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada and all the families that have been impacted by the debilitating disease.

Come visit Parliament Hill on May 12, 2024 from 2 to 5 pm to watch the live chess drama unfold.


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