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Many people were needed to facilitate the event on 5/12/2024 and to raise consciousness about the cause. Yes, we are planning another game, coming soon!

We had many volunteers taking part as a chess piece, attendees, photographers, videographers, students and sponsors to show support and patronize this live mix of art, community, charity and culture. To support the 2024 iteration of Live Chess and next years event:

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Private individuals who support the event and our raising awareness about Alzheimer’s:

Matt Paul, Bourget, Ontario

Jeannette Paul, Bourget, Ontario

Jean-Serge Brisson, Embrun, Ontario

Kateryna Kolisnyk, Ottawa, Ontario

Bello Bello, Ottawa, Ontario

Bonnie Gardner, Ottawa, Ontario

Graham Pomeroy, Fort Erie, Ontario

Marion Arthur, Ottawa, Ontario

Gustavo Hannecke, Ottawa, Ontario

Michel Brissette, Ottawa, Ontario

Julie Delaney, Ottawa, Ontario

Giacomo Panico, Ottawa, Ontario

We would like to acknowledge the positive media coverage by CBC Radio and CTV Ottawa.

Many people contributed and supported anonymously. Please specify if you do not wish to have your name, city and province listed in this section of the website.

To contribute, add your name to the list of contributors, or get involved in a Live Chess event in 2025:

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Donate Direct to Alzheimer Society of Lanark Leeds Grenville (LOCAL EFFORTS)

Disclaimer and Disclosures

Individuals contributing financially via our electronic funding option above will see funds diverted to The Alzheimer’s Society of Canada after event costs including marketing and other elements are deducted with the effect to see the maximum beneficial impact to the cause. These individual contributions may be tax deductible or may qualify as business expense under the Canadian Income Tax act. Individuals with concerns must understand that the organizer, individuals and corporations associated with the event assume no liability and it is always good practice to seek independent advice before contributing to any cause or making any financial commitments.


Matt Paul applied for the permit to host the event on Parliament Hill on May 12, 2024 from 2-5 pm subject to Parliament Rules regarding the use of Parliament which govern all participants. The permit was not transferrable however the event “Live Chess on Parliament” was associated with Matt Paul in connection with the event in terms of communication, marketing and the purpose of raising funds to support Alzheimer’s Society of Canada outside of the 2-5 pm period on May 12, 2024 when we made use of the area in front of the Peace Tower.

Matt Paul notified and received permission and support from Alzheimer’s Society of Canada to conduct the “Live Chess on Parliament” promotional activities with the understanding that it will benefit the work of this organization to the extent that these benefits are realizable and transferable. It is the hope that people will visit and donate directly through the Society’s portal, get involved or at minimum raise their consciousness about the important work of the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada and their various local units perform locally.

MP Consolidated Inc. is  a for-profit Canadian Federally Incorporated company. MP Consolidated Inc. is the legal entity that is acting to facilitate the logistical and other associated items in connection leading up to the actual permitted event by Matt Paul. The event “Live Chess on Parliament” is a social venture however the actual activity is not commercial itself and there is no advertising or commercial activity taking place on Parliament Hill.

The Live Chess on Parliament event website and social media venture is a MP Consolidated Inc. production in support of Alzheimer’s Society of Canada in conjunction with our Event Host Kaleidoscope Sky Tattoo and Art House. The production and hosting the event are in name only and the actual Parliament Hill event is the sole activity of Matt Paul and approved participants who are encouraged to be familiar with the rules governing use of Parliament Hill available here: (PDF attachment will open in new Tab)

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