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Founding Host and Lifetime Partner

Kaleidoscope Sky is a Tattoo & Art House containing fine art, custom tattoos, clothing and accessories located in Hintonburg, Ottawa, Ontario at 1106 Somerset St W. The hosting business supplied time, staff and financial resources to offset costs for the event in addition to having the founder Louise Paul as the “Black Queen”. Kaleidoscope Sky operates the “Somerset Poetry Circle” in addition to numerous other local events and happenings serving as an incubator for positivity, creativity and beauty. Add some colour to your life at Kaleidoscope Sky.

Support Partners

Gustavo came and snapped his heart out capturing all the magical moments. He teaches photography and is a dear friend. Lover of life and people. Salut Gustavo!

Marion Arthur is an accomplished musician and collaborator. Wonderful sounds provided a drama to the event. Check out her www.celloyoga.ca

Jason Anbara

Jason Anbara is a key contributor to communities across Canada with his personal and business activities. We were excited to have Jason working with and to have his family on the board. Jason’s financial contribution was a key element of offsetting the cost of the event.

Thirsty and hungry chess players and chess pieces enjoyed some refreshments and food after this year’s event on May 12 at the Royal Oak on 180 Kent St. Ottawa, Ontario only a short walk from Parliament Hill. The team at The Royal Oak provided gift certificates to offset the cost of food. This company is a wonderful supporter of many important activities and events in the communities they operate.

Chess Mates Ottawa is a chess club dedicated to children interested in Chess. Chess Mates Ottawa supplied chess mastery level advice to our players for the game, raised awareness and spread the event details making the event a smashing success.

J. Lalonde & Fils is a home improvement supplier under the Rona brand located in Hammond and Rockland, Ontario. The white lattice squares were provided at a discount by the owner. The savings were appreciated.

Event Production, Design and Marketing

I set up MP Consolidated Inc. to own the event planning, sponsorship and ancillary elements of the Live Chess production in order to ensure that this pure expression would be protected along with participants, sponsors and stakeholders. The 2024 event was a success. 2025 and beyond look to be fantastic.

Sponsors are important to offset organization, hosting and other associated costs that would divert funds from the beneficiary of the event : Alzheimer’s Society of Canada & Alzheimer’s Society of Lanark Leeds Grenville

Live Chess on Parliament important information and disclosure:

Sponsors will receive name recognition online and on event promotional materials leading up to the event on May 12, 2024 and their details will remain active for a period of 12 months or until the announcement of the 2025 event date at which time a new agreement will be required to continue as a Sponsor.

There is no advertising permitted on Parliament Hill however this does not prohibit pre and post brand recognition and other important benefits to those organizations that wish to show their support of the event and the cause.

Matt Paul applied for the permit to host the event on Parliament Hill on May 12, 2024 from 2-5 pm subject to Parliament Rules regarding the use of Parliament which govern all participants. The permit is not transferrable however the event “Live Chess on Parliament” is associated with Matt Paul in connection with the event in terms of communication, marketing and the purpose of raising funds to support Alzheimer’s Society of Canada.

Matt Paul notified and received permission and support from Alzheimer’s Society of Canada to conduct the “Live Chess on Parliament” promotional activities with the understanding that it will benefit the work of this organization to the extent that these benefits are realizable and transferable. It is the hope that people will visit www.alzheimer.ca and donate, get involved or at minimum raise their consciousness about the important work of the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada and their various local units.

MP Consolidated Inc. is  a for-profit Canadian Federally Incorporated company. MP Consolidated Inc. is the legal entity that is acting to facilitate the logistical and other associated items in connection leading up to the actual permitted event by Matt Paul. The event “Live Chess on Parliament” is a social venture however the actual activity on May 12, 2024 is not commercial itself and there is no advertising or commercial activity taking place on Parliament Hill at the particular time of the event from 2 – 5 pm in keeping with the permit rules agreed to by the Permit holder in conjunction with the activity.

The Live Chess on Parliament event is a MP Consolidated Inc. production in support of Alzheimer’s Society of Canada in conjunction with our Event Host Kaleidoscope Sky Tattoo and Art House. The production and hosting the event are in name only and the actual Parliament Hill event is the sole activity of Matt Paul and approved participants who are encouraged to be familiar with the rules governing use of Parliament Hill available here:

http://hill-colline.parl.ca/pdf/CUPH-Rules-e.pdf (PDF attachment will open in new Tab)

For more information on MP Consolidated Inc. visit MPConsolidated.com

For more information on our host visit Kaleidoscope-Sky.com

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