The venue:

The front lawn on Parliament Hill before Live Chess

Parliament Transformed into a Live Chess board:

The Permit:

Visitor and Participant Rules while on Parliament Hill. All participants must agree and be bound by the code of conduct and security protocols of the Committee on the Use of Parliament Hill.

Here is a summary of key rules for Participants and visitors to Parliament Hill:

Visiting and participating in events on Parliament Hill in Canada is subject to certain rules and regulations. These rules are designed to ensure the safety and security of visitors, protect the historic buildings and grounds, and uphold the dignity of the Canadian Parliament. While specific rules may vary depending on the nature of the event and any security measures in place, here are some general guidelines for visitors:

  1. Respectful Behavior: Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and orderly manner at all times. Disruptive behavior, including shouting, fighting, or causing disturbances, is not permitted.
  2. Security Screening: Depending on the event and current security measures, visitors may be subject to security screening before entering Parliament Hill. This may include bag checks, metal detectors, and other security measures.
  3. No Littering: Visitors are expected to dispose of their trash properly and keep Parliament Hill clean. Littering is prohibited.
  4. No Smoking: Smoking, including vaping, is prohibited on Parliament Hill and within its grounds.
  5. No Alcohol or Drugs: The consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted on Parliament Hill.
  6. No Weapons: Carrying weapons or any items that could be used as weapons, including firearms, knives, or explosives, is strictly prohibited.
  7. Respect for Property: Visitors should respect the historic buildings, monuments, and grounds of Parliament Hill. Climbing on statues, defacing property, or causing damage is not allowed.
  8. Follow Instructions: Visitors should follow any instructions given by security personnel, event organizers, or parliamentary staff. This includes following designated pathways, staying within designated areas, and adhering to event guidelines.
  9. Photography: While photography for personal use is generally permitted, visitors should be mindful not to disrupt events or obstruct others while taking photos. Commercial photography or filming may require prior authorization.
  10. Accessibility: Parliament Hill strives to be accessible to all visitors. Accommodations may be available for individuals with disabilities or special needs. Visitors requiring assistance should inquire with event organizers or parliamentary staff.
  11. Emergency Procedures: Visitors should familiarize themselves with emergency procedures and evacuation routes in case of an emergency. Emergency contact information may be posted throughout Parliament Hill.

There is no advertising permitted on Parliament Hill site. No political messaging or items of expressing a political view may be associated with participation in this event in keeping with Permittable Use provisions. Each individual by virtue of visiting this website, attending the event or otherwise agrees to be compliant with these uses to their best efforts.

“The above permit is a digital rendering of the original permit issued and has had personal information and other information removed”

“This image is used for illustration purposes only”

“The Government of Canada, Parliament of Canada make no warranty or affiliation or other connection with the organizer Matt Paul, MP Consolidated Inc. or any associated party involved in the production of the event”

Come visit Parliament Hill on May 12, 2024 from 2 to 5 pm to watch the live chess drama unfold.

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